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Tired of polluting the planet with plastic waste every time you take out the trash? This pack of 150 medium biodegradable garbage bags is the eco-friendly solution you've been searching for. With 5 rolls containing 30 bags each, you'll be set for all your household waste disposal needs. The durable black plastic degrades naturally over time, reducing your environmental impact. The 19 x 21 inch size fits most standard kitchen bins and small trash cans.
Go green without sacrificing convenience - make the switch to biodegradable bags today!Reduce your plastic footprint with this 150 count pack of medium biodegradable trash bags! You get 5 rolls with 30 bags per roll, so you can take out the garbage guilt-free knowing these bags will degrade naturally over time. The handy 19 x 21 inch size fits most standard small bins and cans. Durable black plastic prevents leaks and tears while carrying waste. Make your home eco-friendly and keep your conscience clear - get the garbage bags that are gentle on the planet and your waste disposal routine!

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Brand Name





High-Density Polyethylene


0.5 L



Product Length

0.5 cm

Product Breadth

0.5 cm

Net Quantity

150 Plastic

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